This week there has been a good deal of focus on the future of trade, when Britain leaves the European Union. If we are to make Brexit a success then we need to ensure, not only that we have an effective strategy for leaving the EU, but that we simultaneously look to improve our share [...]

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Mark Menzies MP: Let’s seize chance to boost international trade

After David Cameron presented his renegotiation settlement with the European Council to Parliament in February, my instinctive reaction was to turn up my nose and head for the exit. The piffling concessions that the European Union presented to the UK, though faced with the prospect of losing the third largest contributor to its budget, confirmed [...]


MP given tour of new Fylde bus fleet

Mark Menzies MP said he was delighted to see a fleet of new state-of-the art buses set to hit Fylde’s streets. Blackpool Transport hopes to replace its entire 140-bus service by 2020 and the Member of Parliament was last week given a tour of the first double-deckers off the assembly line. The new Enviro400 City buses are next-generation, [...]


Fylde MP in meeting with Jewish Leadership Council

Fylde MP Mark Menzies met with a leading member of the Jewish community to discuss concerns over a rise in anti-Semitism. The Member of Parliament met Marc Levy, North West external affairs manager for the Jewish Leadership Council, in Lytham on Friday to discuss a range of issues. Following the meeting, Mr Menzies said: “As someone who is a member of the Conservative [...]


By the time this article appears in the Lytham St Annes Express, Great Britain should have a new Prime Minister. I have supported Theresa May throughout the leadership contest as I believe she has the requisite experience, dedication and determination to lead our Government and our country. Following the result of the recent referendum, we [...]