LAST week I wrote about the exciting and extremely busy few days at the Conservative party conference.

But no sooner had David Cameron finished his speech and I was leaving Birmingham on a train bound for home.

My diary secretary Shirley, determined to make me earn my keep, was not content with being busy for around 15 hours a day throughout conference.

She had me lined up three days jam packed full of meetings with some very important people and groups in our community.

And I’m not complaining.

Being in Westminster four days a week to vote and participate in Parliament does leave me with less time than I would like to learn more about Fylde and the issues affecting it.

That means I’m always keen to cram as much as possible into the time I have.

However, if you’re reading this Shirley, I wouldn’t mind an hour or two for a stroll on the Prom and a pint in The Taps!

To be fair to her though I did enjoy the appointments she had arranged.

After a visit to the terrific Heyhouses Primary on Clarendon Road North on Thursday morning I was off to meet the Crown Prosecution Service team in Preston.

Justice, of course, although crime is relatively low here in Fylde, is always a big issue for people and I found it fascinating to learn more about the CPS’ work.

Then it was on to a joyous event – the opening of the new Heyhouses Estate – which as well as 116 fantastic new homes, the quality of which has to be seen to be believed.

And then it was on to a meeting with A4E, who support young people in training and employment, before rounding off the day with a fascinating debate on the AV referendum at St Margaret’s Church Hall.

Continuing in a similar vein, Friday brought meetings with Fylde Council chief executive Phil Woodward, Freckleton Parish Council and the North West and Lancashire Optometric Committee as well as a visit to Kirkham Grammar School.

The highlight, I have to say though, was giving a speech to the Conservative Ladies Tea Club who, as you can imagine, couldn’t have been more welcoming.

Saturday too was a pleasure, helping out at a fantastic Breakthrough Breast Cancer event at Sainsbury’s St Annes and taking a trip out to Lameleach Residential Park in Freckleton.

On Sunday I headed back down to London in time for the resumption of Parliamentary business on Monday.

I hope you will see from a taster of my diary that I am doing my best to do as much as possible for the community and be in the community as much as possible.

Be assured, Shirley, a long time Fylde resident, won’t allow anything else.

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