REMEMBRANCE Sunday is, to my mind, an especially important day in our calendar.

So it will be a tremendous honour and truly humbling to represent Fylde as MP for the area at the two services on Sunday in both St Annes and Kirkham.

Honouring the men and women who served their country with such bravery in both World Wars remains, I believe, as important today as it ever has been.

I am mindful too that as the generations move on and become further and further removed from the events of those times it is especially important that this tradition is continued and passed down to our younger generations.

The sacrifices made must never be forgotten.

And at times like these, when troops are overseas in Afghanistan, these dates become particularly poignant.

I am sure people will want to use this day to remember the Fylde soldiers who have died during the Afghanistan conflict, Corporal Loren Marlton-Thomas and Sergeant Michael Chadwick.

I thought it was very fitting that their names were recently added to the cenotaph in Lytham.

People will, I hope, also be mindful of our troops based right here in Fylde at Weeton Barracks who not long ago returned from Afghanistan.

While we hold Remembrance Sunday as a particularly special day in our calendar it is vital that throughout the year we continue to support out troops in whatever way we can.

The homecoming parade held in Kirkham for the 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment, our proud Green Howards, was a prime example of the community uniting, as we should, behind those brave men and women.

I will have a chance, in early December, to meet some of the troops from Weeton firsthand and it will be an honour to meet some of the people who are serving our country and representing Fylde with such commitment.

I hope as many people as possible will devote a little time on Sunday to remember the sacrifice of all our soldiers and I’m sure you will join me in continuing to support and remember in your prayers our soldiers who are on the front line.

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