As the end of the year approached, it was good to take a look back at some of the major projects being undertaken in Fylde, and to reflect on the progress we have made on them.

It’s an ever-present topic but the Moss Road still remains my biggest infrastructure priority. We are so close to seeing work start on this vital link road to the M55.

Once built, it will boost the local economy by improving access into the area, and help residents who currently have to drive out of their way to reach the motorway.

There has been a delay in a start to construction, with negotiations between authorities and the developer over the proposed construction method and resulting costs taking some time, but I’m delighted to say we are at a point where all parties finally seem to be on the same page.

The £2m I secured from the Government, and the £1m from Fylde Council — which is not a Highways Authority but is determined to see the road built — ensured the project remained on the table.

Following my question to the Prime Minister, and assurances from the roads minister and his officials that the project will still be looked upon favourably for up to £6m of additional funding from the Highways Agency, I’m sure we will soon see shovels hit the ground, and the road completed, as planned, by 2019.

I’m also delighted to see the Environment Agency finally take action on the flooding issues that have plagued farmers at the east end of Lytham. Homes too were at risk, and as an MP I was not prepared to allow the situation to continue

The programme of works, to replace pumps, drain ditches, and improve the outfall into the River Ribble, has already started and will continue throughout the next year

It may mean there are issues in heavy rains again this winter – but hopefully that is a price worth paying in the knowledge it should be the last time we see these issues arise.

For years there was lip service paid to the lack of critical infrastructure in Fylde and when I became MP, I decided to set about addressing some of these long-neglected issues.

There was also the mater of the Brexit referendum. I was in the remain camp and disappointed that the country voted, by a narrow margin, to leave the European Union

However, given the referendum was in the Conservative manifesto as the chance for voters to have a yes/no vote on EU membership, I will now support the will of the people and the Prime Minister as she triggers article 50, ensuring we get the best possible deal.

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