This is my first column following my return as the Member of Parliament for Fylde – may I take this brief opportunity to thank once again my fellow residents for their support.

It was humbling to receive almost 60 per cent of the vote.

Like many of you, I was deeply shocked to see the images of the Grenfell tower block ablaze and the devastating consequences of the aftermath.

I can only begin to imagine the sense of trauma those who have lost loved ones feel, as well as those who witnessed the carnage in the early hours that morning.

I want to pay tribute to the outstanding work carried out by the emergency services.

I don’t believe there are any words sufficient enough to recognise the work carried out at this disaster by all of our blue light services, especially the firefighters.

There is no amount of experience or training that could prepare anyone for such an horrendous event.

Since my last column before the election, the country has witnessed three terrorist attacks, in Manchester and London.

What the country needs now is a period of calm.

But we must not lose sight of the British values that bring us all together, over the actions of those who seek to tear our nation apart.

Locally, I have written to Fylde Council to lodge my objection to the proposed 550 homes for land off Silverdale Road in St Annes.

I would not normally be involved in a local planning matter, however this flies in the face of the St Annes Neighbourhood Plan, which residents recently gave their approval to.

I have written to all residents who live close to the site, many of whom have objected, to detail my stance.

It was also good to get an update on the M55 Moss Road this week and the project has noticeably stepped up a gear since the Conservatives took control at Lancashire County Council.

I am delighted transport portfolio holder, County Councillor Keith Iddon was at the latest meeting.

The business case is to go before councillors in July, and the full detailed application in August, with work going out to tender concurrently with these meetings, ahead of any physical works taking place.

The developers and local authorities are working together with me for a common goal and I’m delighted to see the level of progress we have in the past few weeks.


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