This week I was delighted to see the announcement that we will get an extra 21,000 mental health professionals in the UK.

It is part of a drive to ensure mental and physical illnesses are treated with parity and to better integrate treatment.

The £1.3 billion investment will also help retain staff and attract new people to the sector.

We will see an extra 2,000 nurses in child and adult services, more consultants and therapists, and other health professionals who will be involved in adult talking therapies.

And importantly, these extra staff will help treat those with mental health difficulties in their own communities which is better for them, and for the blue light services which might have been unnecessarily involved beforehand.

I am pleased to see the progress being made by engineers working on Main Drain at the east end of Lytham, which will help alleviate flooding of agricultural ground, and removing the flooding threat to thousands of homes.

The work should be completed by December and I look forward to seeing the new pumps operating in all their glory.

The In-Bloom judges have been touring Fylde and I am delighted to see the efforts volunteers have gone to in towns and villages across the constituency.

Every single volunteer deserves an award in my book, regardless of the end results – their selfless efforts improve the area for each and every one of us, making it a better place to live and an attractive place to visit.

I would urge everyone to get involved. A little effort goes a long way when more and more people take part in what can be a very rewarding process.

I was most pleased to see a Lytham Festival contingent donning their gardening gloves to help out.

And on that subject, it’s Lytham Festival week and the stage appeared to go up in record time. Last year the weather caused a few problems and I hope this year the organiser’s get the outlook they deserve.

It’s reported that accommodation for the first night of the Festival has almost sold out across Lytham and St Annes – around 97 per cent of rooms have been taken.

That is a wonderful boost to the tourism economy of the Fylde.

Festival organisers Cuffe and Taylor always say the feel the added pressure of this being their home event.

I have no doubt it will be a resounding success, as ever.

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