I am delighted the Prime Minister and Defence Secretary have helped secure a £2bn deal which will see Qatar purchase 24 Fylde-built Typhoon aircraft.

This order will help sustain thousands of aerospace jobs in the area, maintaining the Typhoon production line while further orders are sought from around the world.

I’m proud to say Typhoon and Hawk, the best military aircraft in the skies, are built by a hugely-talented workforce here on the Fylde coast.

And I am in constant touch with ministers about the need to support BAE Systems’ export campaigns to support the jobs in Warton and around Lancashire on these production lines.

The Government this week pressed ahead with plans for post-Brexit Britain with the Prime Minister discussing a trade deal with Canada which should boost business between our two countries.

Britain’s bilateral trade relationship with Canada is worth £15.2 billion annually to both economies, with £1.75 billion worth of Canadian money having been invested in the UK since March.

We want to ensure when we leave the European Union the change is as smooth and orderly as possible. Working on the first bilateral trade relationship between the UK and Canada means that seamless transition can take place.

This will also send a signal to the EU – Britain is ready to do business with anyone around the globe, and is being welcomed with open arms by countries around the world.

The fewer tariffs in place between the UK and the EU the better – and not only for us. How many continental vineyard owners or farmers will want to see barriers put in the way of them selling their goods in the UK?

EU leaders will not want to tell industry leaders in their own countries that the UK market is being made more difficult to trade in. Any loss of customers will be met with uproar, and this Canadian deal will show how easy it is for countries to trade.

I am pleased to see that Fylde residents can now get evening and weekend GP appointments, should they be required.

Freckleton Health Centre is hosting the late and weekend sessions for Fylde, and routine, non-emergency appointments can be made by calling your own GP as usual.

The move will help all those people who struggle to attend the GP due to their working hours, parental responsibilities or reliance on others for transportation.

People cannot choose when they fall ill or when they need the help of a doctor. I will be keeping an eye on the situation to see how the situation pans out.


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