It has been a busy time in the constituency and a busy time in Parliament this past week.

I was pleased to see more progress on the M55 link road at a meeting in St Annes Town Hall, with a clear line of sight to contractors getting on site next year.

Great progress has been made since the Conservatives took over at the County Council and the speed of the project has stepped up.

I met with small business owners in Lytham to talk about what the Government can do to further help them.

Issues around parking charges and charity shops were raised, as was a suggestion to lower VAT rates.

I was also interested to hear about a scheme in France which bars supermarkets from selling new books for six months, and a suggestion to use monies from large out-of-town developments to subsidise our high streets.

I hope you all visited these local traders and will continue to do so this festive season – shopping local is the best way to help them, keeping money in our town centres.

I also took a look at the proposals for the enterprise zone at Blackpool Airport, and was delighted to see there are no plans whatsoever to shorten the runway.

In fact, the scheme includes provision for the return of commercial flights in future, as well as plenty of office and industrial space which is already attracting a lot of interest.

The multi-million pound scheme is well under way and will bring hundreds of jobs to the area.

Parliament is increasingly busy as we go through the process of Brexit.

On Monday night we were still voting well beyond midnight, dealing not only with European legislation, but also with rafts of amendments being put forward.

These sessions may be long, but they are vital to ensure we have all of the correct laws and legislation in place for when we leave the European Union.

I attended a Parkinson’s Disease event which looked at how best we can support those living with the debilitating condition.

That was both in terms of ensuring people get the relevant nursing care, and also ensuring people get the correct benefits.

As it is a progressive condition, we have to make sure benefits are altered accordingly to ensure they can pay for an increasing amount of care.

The Dog’s Trust were also in Parliament staging an event, the main focus of which was preventing puppy smuggling in Eastern Europe.


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