Our trains should finally return to the South Fylde line on Monday – and it is not a moment too soon.

It is incredibly pleasing to see the great changes at Kirkham Station, with the new footbridge installed for the new platform, and work well under way on the two lifts I have called for for so long.

It was back in 2010 when I started campaigning on this matter, speaking with ministers, committees and the rail authorities, and the message finally got through that we demanded better facilities.

As pleasing as it is to see stations finally being brought up to scratch, I am determined we will also see better services introduced.

So I’m meeting Network Rail bosses again in just a few weeks’ time to once again hammer home the message that one train an hour is not enough on our line.

I spoke with senior management at Springfields about the future of nuclear fuel production in the UK this week, and am writing to ministers and fellow MPs to urge the Government to insist on UK fuel being used in any new reactors we build.

There are fears international competitors, such as the Koreans and the French, will use fuel manufactured in their countries, should they build reactors here.

So I am calling for protections to be put in place that require UK-made fuel to be a part of any deal on new reactor builds.

To that end, I attended the remaining nuclear safeguard bill debate in Parliament.

I have also written to ministers asking several questions about energy caps and the effect they will have for us as consumers, but also on the energy companies involved.

This week back home in Fylde I also met Lytham St Annes Technology and Performing Arts College’s new headteacher Ray Baker.

It is a big role which he has been handed at our biggest secondary school, and I met him to offer my support as he settles in.

He told me he was delighted with the attitude of the children he had met so far, and that he was determined to see every student achieve their absolute best.

It is eminently clear from the offset that he is a man with the very best in mind for the students in his care, and I look forward to working with him in future.

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