PARLIAMENT is now firmly back in full swing with the parties going at each in the usual fashion.

And I’m keen to draw you attention to an important development – the second reading of the exciting new Energy Bill – which will put in place a vital plan to secure the country’s energy supply for years to come.

With a wide range of companies in the sector throughout Fylde, and everyone relying on energy to power our daily lives, it really is a bill that will affect everyone.

There are three key features to bear in mind; energy security, energy efficiency and encouraging investment in low-carbon technologies.

As many of my colleagues pointed out during a debate on the Bill last week the best way of securing energy resources is not creating new energy sources and supplies its saving energy in the first place.

But with new UK power sources needed, to prevent the country from being too reliant on overseas sources, the Government is pressing ahead with the exploration of new renewable and nuclear energy sources right here in the UK.

Most important to consumers, however, are the bills that land on their doormat every quarter.

Vitally for everyone, therefore, are powers to ensure that energy companies have to provide information on the cheapest tariffs available on energy bills which should help ensure we are not paying over-the-odds.

I welcome the Bill and will do my best to keep you updated on its progress.

In the constituency this week, I have an extremely busy schedule.

On Friday I am looking forward to meeting staff and pupils at the excellent Clifton Primary School as well as meeting with staff at RBS in St Annes.

In the afternoon I will be at UCLan to speak to the Vice Chancellor, Malcolm McVicar, with a constituency surgery later on and a meeting with a large group of local farmers in the evening.

Finally, on Saturday, I will be attending the switch on of a new Anaerobic Digestion power plant on Lodge Lane, Warton – a literally home grown source of energy – which should make a valuable contribution to our energy security in its own right.

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