Life as a Member of Parliament, I’m finding, can be very, very busy.

Each day, I have a diary packed full of appointments with everyone from the Chancellor of the Exchequer to international ambassadors.

Take last week for instance.

I had a packed diary, visiting businesses and the local youth MP in the constituency while also speaking four times in the House of Commons.

I have also met, along with other North West MP’s, with the Chancellor of the Exchequer while attending defence briefings, an event held by MRSA Action UK as well as answering a great number of letters and emails.

It’s immensely enjoyable and challenging work and I have to try to be constantly on the ball. It does at times, however, leave one feeling a little tired.

But I’ve found the perfect tonic – the summer gala season.

An enduring tradition, which I hope will continue for many years to come, galas seem to be engrained into the fabric of Fylde society.

I’ve found the events I have attended so far this year – Lytham Club Day, Kirkham and Wesham Club Day, Wrea Green gala and St Annes Carnival (this weekend) – to be colourful, quirky, relaxing and a whole lot of fun.

The bands and performers who entertain the crowds on these very special days have also been superb while everywhere I have been there has also been a tremendously positive and good-natured atmosphere.

For me personally, the gala days have provided a good chance to meet friends who I miss while I’m in Westminster during the week. It’s also a wonderful opportunity though to meet new people, learn more about how they feel about Fylde and hear ideas and suggestions as to how the Government can help them in their everyday lives.

Above all it shows off the fantastic community spirit of Fylde’s towns and villages.

The organising committees involved in these occasions work very hard to make it all happen; securing road closure orders, organising marshals, bands and floats and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Their commitment, which they offer without pay year in, year out, is truly a credit and must not go unnoticed.

It is their time and effort, which often goes unrecognised, which makes these wonderful days possible. They deserve a very big pat on the back.

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