“IT’S all Greek to me!”

That idiom has a special resonance at the moment as Europe tries to come to grips with the financial crisis that has engulfed the Euro.

The problem is that the situation is so complex, the markets are so uncertain and the borrowings are so huge, it makes this mess tremendously difficult to understand.

However, we must remember that more than half of our trade is with other countries in the European Union and we must fight for this essential alliance.

A stable EU provides a stable environment for British trading so to wash our hands with the Eurozone would be very unwise

Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that first and foremost we must look after the British economy, and I therefore support the Government’s commitment to keeping Britain out of the latest bailout package.

The Greek tragedy shows why deficit-deniers are wrong to maintain that Government spending should not be reduced.

I have huge respect for the people who come to me and suggest that a particular cut decision is unfair and suggest an alternative.

I have campaigned on those issues for a lot of people and have sometimes successfully persuaded Ministers or local authorities that there may be a better way.

I find it extraordinarily difficult, however, to find sympathy with those who believe we can simply carry on as we have been doing – spending beyond our means.

Meanwhile, to update you on the county’s vital Enterprise Zone bid which I wrote about in this space two weeks ago, I have now written to Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk asking him to include the Enterprise Zone on his short list. I have also urged all Lancashire MP’s to support the proposal.

The scheme, put forward by the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, would see businesses in and around BAE Warton and Samlesbury given some tax relief measures, investment in superfast broadband and other helpful incentives to try to bring new business to the area.

This could, as well as creating new jobs, help to protect the county’s thriving engineering and manufacturing base which provides employment to so many people.

I hope my colleagues will be offering their support as well and writing to the Enterprise Minister to give their backing to the bid.

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