THE World Wide Web has truly revolutionised the way in which we live.

An instant source of information and entertainment, people can now access the internet anywhere in the world on mobile phones, laptops and other clever gadgets.

They can do amazing things like streaming television and video calling as well as banking, shopping, gaming and interacting with friends alongside so many other functions.

It’s a fantastic resource and has truly changed our society.

But there’s a recurring problem here in Fylde which many people have contacted me about -broadband speeds which are reportedly well below par.

Many people have complained that their speeds are well below standard and, with superfast broadband adverts no doubt sharpening their ire, they want improvements.

As I told you in this space earlier in the year, I have been campaigning alongside Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, Lancashire County Council (LCC) and many of my county colleagues in the House of Commons for the introduction of superfast broadband in the area.

This helped to secure a fantastic £11m of funding from the Government which must now be match funded from the private sector or the EU.

LCC are working really hard to make this happen and I have every confidence they will succeed.

Superfast broadband is also set to be boosted as part of the package of benefits the new Lancashire Enterprise Zone will bring.

But you too can help.

The industry, of course, relies on the private sector providers like BT to invest in the cabling and other technology to improve and they do that on a commercial basis.

That means they need to know, if they are to shell out millions on improvements, that there is sufficient demand.

I would urge you, therefore, to register your interest with BT and help make the case for Fylde upgrades.

Simply visit to do so. Simply enter your landline number on the page and click to register your interest.

This could make a huge difference and it wouldn’t do any harm to let other broadband providers know too so, please, spread the word.

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