THE tremendous spirit and community the Forces family creates is always heart warming.

And this week I got a taste of that firsthand at a little known facility in St Annes and at two special events in London.

Richard Peck House is the gleaming red brick building on the corner of Clifton Drive North and St Thomas’ Road. 

Like me you’ve probably passed it on a number of occasions but not known exactly what it does.

Inside it is a terrific place which provides welfare breaks for RAF families and others with Forces connections.

A tardis-like complex, the house has facilities to rival a good standard hotel.

However, it is paid for almost entirely by the RAF Association which, through its membership, provides outstanding amount of support for the home which can make an enormous difference to veterans, their loved ones and Forces widows.

It gives welcome respite and a holiday to deserving people who have served our country and I’ve offered to support and help promote their work in the future.

I was also privileged to host 10 soldiers from the King’s Royal Hussars in Parliament on Monday.

This was a huge honour and, again, the camaraderie of our Forces community came shining through.

The men told me about their work and said they were soon to embark on another tour of Afghanistan.

I’m sure you will join me in wishing them a safe and successful mission.

And finally, I’m not a regular theatre goer but a friend urged me to visit the Theatre Royal on Sunday to take in a show – The Two Worlds of Charlie F.

This was no ordinary show, however.

It was produced, acted and organised by the Bravo 22 Company, an organisation which puts on productions by injured or sick service personnel who are currently recovering from their injuries and another excellent example of the support network’s being created by volunteers for our armed forces personnel.

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