IT’S a quiet time in politics at the moment and, to an outsider, it would appear that MPs are out of action.

But that’s far from the reality.

The day to day work of an MP, which I feel is perhaps the most important aspect of the job, does not cease just because Parliament is not in session.

A steady flow of issues still continue to arrive in my inbox and postbag, meaning there is no shortage of things to do and people to help.

There are usually student visa issues to deal with in the summer with incoming and outgoing students sometimes needing help.

Transport often rears its head in the summer too, particularly if there are changes to school bus arrangements.

Parents, quite understandably, will not take it lying down if little Johnny is going to have difficulty getting to and from school or if it is set to cost them a small fortune.

This year, there is also the wider issue of bridge repairs which are set to have a big effect on transport in Fylde and in Treales in particular, as mentioned in last week’s Express.

Network Rail, as they carry out the electrification of our local railway lines – a welcome development, of course – must make alterations to a number of bridges.

In most places this will not take a great deal of time and the effect on traffic should be minimal.

However, at one particular bridge in Treales, the complexity of the work required means the main road through the village will be closed for a long time, more than two months.

This could have a devastating effect on small businesses and I hope Network Rail will do more, certainly more they’ve done so far, to ensure those businesses are not left to suffer or, heaven forbid, go out of business during those difficult couple of months.

They must do more and myself and others are currently trying to secure that commitment.

And finally I can’t let the week pass without mentioning the upcoming Paralympics.

We can be very proud in Fylde to have two tremendous athletes representing us – wheelchair racer Shelly Woods and wheelchair rugby player Myles Pearson.

After the excitement of the Olympics the games should be hugely well supported and I will be watching with interest and cheering on Team GB and our local athletes.

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