I WRITE this week as Parliament heads back to business following the summer recess and there is certainly no shortage of political action.

The week began on Monday with Education Questions and a very interesting event later in the day, which allowed me to meet some Paralympians from across the globe.

With local interest in the games in the form of Shelly Woods, who I was cheering for in the T54 5,000m on Saturday and Myles Pearson who begins the wheelchair rugby competition this Wednesday, I’m hugely excited about the games and it was a real honour to meet just some of the stars of the show.

It was wonderful to hear that the Paralympics movement is spreading to so many more countries and, just like the Olympics, will hopefully inspire generations to come.

Foreign Office questions and PMQ’s will follow on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with important meetings on the future of the Fylde DWP work sites.

I know lots of Fylde workers have a great interest in the current reorganisation which the DWP are carrying out which will likely see many staff moved from Norcross to Peel Park.

I have been working closely with the PCS union and neighbouring MPs to ensure staff are treated fairly and I will be doing everything I can to press for solutions to a number of issues, particular surrounding transport to Peel Park which continues to be an issue.

Thursday brings business questions before a busy day in Fylde on Friday which features a visit to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital for a catch-up with their Chief Executive and a visit to Trinity Hospice.

On Saturday I will be meeting with farmers along with Alderman and County Councillor Paul Rigby, a farmer himself and I am planning to find time to visit the fantastic Preston Guild celebrations which are continuing apace.

Finally this week, for the political enthusiasts amongst you, there is a can’t miss event.

I’m talking, of course, about the new series of The Thick of It, which returns on Saturday evening.

All the publicity and interviews previewing the new series say the fourth series will be all about the inner workings of a coalition Government.

It will be fascinating to see how close Mr Iannucci’s version is to the reality.

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