FYLDE is home to a tremendously skilled and well-respected workforce which drives the economy and serves a large number of technical industries in the area including defence, energy and ICT.

Defence has been of great significance to the Fylde economy for many years.  BAE Systems employs approximately 7000 workers at its Warton Aerodrome site and the importance of these jobs cannot be understated. Warton continues to contribute greatly to the country’s defence programme and at the same time keeps the Fylde economy on the right track.

Westinghouse Springfields Fuels Ltd, located in Salwick, is also a key contributor to the Fylde economy. Springfields manufactures fuel products for the UK’s nuclear power stations and as such plays a vital role in UK energy provision. Like BAE Systems, the company also ensures that residents of the Fylde remain employed in full-time, sustainable jobs, and therefore are a crucial component of the local economy.

While there is a solid manufacturing base in Fylde and extremely low levels of unemployment, stimulating growth is always vital.