Blackpool Airport plans welcomed by MP

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has called plans to reopen Blackpool Airport “a good start”.

Mr Menzies spoke with airport director Stewart Orrell, from Balfour Beatty, yesterday after the company signed a vital contract with Bond Helicopters to resume its rig transport operations from the hub on Squires Gate Lane.

An advertisement has gone out in the local press for air traffic controllers, fire operations staff and an airfield refuelling supervisor, which will see more than 30 people re-employed on the site.

On December 13, the Civil Aviation Authority will lift the suspension on Blackpool Airport’s licence, which should open the door for Bond and smaller aviation businesses to resume operations.

Mr Menzies said: “This is a very welcome first step to getting air operations back up and running from Blackpool Airport and one which I have been pushing for since it was first announced that it was to close last month.

“There is still work to be done and I understand negotiations are still ongoing to find a potential long term buyer.

“My initial focus has always been to get the airfield working again so that it did not become untenable for future investment. The next step is trying to get an investor in who sees a future in running commercial flights from the airport once again.

“I have always said that with the correct support, I believed Blackpool Airport could become a viable passenger terminal again and I still hope that will be the case.”

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