Blood pressure campaign comes to Commons


PHARMACIES can help to provide helpful community health services.

That’s the verdict of Lloyds Pharmacy and the British Heart Foundation who met with Mark Menzies MP at the House of Commons.

Mr Menzies was among around 40 MPs and Lords who attended the event which was aimed at raising awareness of the services pharmacies can provide including monitoring blood pressure.

One in three adults in the UK has high blood pressure and many people are not aware they have the condition, which means they are increasing the chance of becoming seriously ill.

Often dubbed “the silent killer” high blood pressure can have no symptoms until it has become extremely severe. Left unchecked it can lead to a stroke or heart attack and if left untreated it can also damage other organs such as kidneys and eyes.

Mr Menzies said: “People are working harder, longer hours and are living more stressful lives and pharmacists have a significant role to play addressing public health issues in the community. I hope this encourages people in Fylde to follow suit and take advantage of the convenient health services which are available in their local pharmacy.”

Ronan Brett, Lloyds Pharmacy’s head of professional and external relations added: “We are delighted that Mr Menzies was able to attend the event to hear about how community pharmacy is leading the way in providing accessible health services to the public in their local communities. 

“Our work can allow other health professionals to focus on more acute conditions and something as simple as a quick blood pressure check can stop someone from developing a serious health problem in the first place.”

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