Breakthrough breast cancer back in Westminster


A GROUP of campaigners visited Westminster to urge their MP to continue to battle against breast cancer.

Ursula Van Mann, Melanie Heney and Suzanne Jones took part in Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s 13th annual Westminster Fly-In event, meeting with Fylde MP Mark Menzies to raise awareness, promote early diagnosis and campaign for improved access to services.

The trio are part of Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s Campaign and Advocacy Network and met with have been fighting for a number of years to influence the NHS and help breast cancer patients by increasing awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and ensuring access to the best possible screening services for eligible women.

Mr Menzies, also a keen supporter of the charity, having previously worked on local stalls and taken part in a number of charity events, said: “It was fantastic to see Ursula, Melanie and Suzanne again at the Westminster Fly-In.

“It really highlighted what we need to do to stop more women dying from breast cancer.

“Survival rates in the UK currently fall behind that of Europe and it simply isn’t good enough.

“The NHS needs to take action to ensure everyone has access to the best possible treatments and make breast cancer survival a reality.”

Ms Van Mann added: “I’m thrilled that Mark is supporting our work in ensuring that women receive the best possible information, diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.

“1,000 lives could be saved every year in England alone if breast cancer survival rates matched the best in Europe.”

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