Local Election Campaigning


WE are just a week and a half away from another election in the Fylde constituency: the election of council in the Lea & Cottam wards on May 3rd.

The Conservative candidate for Lea & Cottam is Trevor Hart, who has lived in Cottam for over 18 years and worked for the last 12 years as a headteacher in Lea Community Primary School.

Mark Menzies MP, along with Cllr Julie Buttle and a number of volunteers (on twitter at @fyldeca), has been out campaigning in Lea and Cottam with Trevor.

Mr Menzies said, “Having been round canvassing on Saturday morning, the mood is very positive.

“Trevor Hart has proven himself to be a hard working Councillor over the last few years.

“Not only this, but being the headmaster of Lea Community Primary School ensures that he knows firsthand many of the issues that impact on the people of Lea and Cottam”.

This campaign is ongoing, and Trevor and the team will be out again in force every night with Mr Menzies joining him on the 27th April.

People are invited to join in the campaign by going online to www.fyldeconservatives.org, or through contacting Cllr Julie Buttle, the campaign manager, on 01772 761637 or at jsbuttle@gmail.com.

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