Campaigning on World Kidney Day

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HEALTH experts have briefed Fylde’s MP on the vital role our kidney’s play as part of World Kidney Day.

Mark Menzies, MP for Fylde, met with representatives from The All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group and the Kidney Alliance to learn more about problems affecting constituents with kidney diseases.

The groups also gave a run down on kidney care, dialysis and transplantation.

The event was of particular interest following concerns raised locally about changes to local private dialysis services.

Mr Menzies wrote to Fresenius following two redundancies affecting assistants at their unit at Clifton Hospital.

The company maintained that the redundancies were in the best interests of the long-term of the service and have promised to continue to invest in new nurses.

He said: “Kidney diseases kills 13,000 people annually in this country.

“It is a very important issue and I am very keen to support patients in Fylde to ensure they are getting good and fair treatment.

“I look forward to working more with kidney patient support groups further in future.”


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