Diabetes UK in Parliament


Fylde MP Mark Menzies is backing a national campaign by Diabetes UK to raise awareness of the four main symptoms of Type 1 diabetes.

Mr Menzies, a supporter of the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre diabetes support group, attended a parliamentary reception with constituents Victoria Elvy and her son Max, 10, who has Type 1 Diabetes, to launch the charity’s 4 Ts campaign, which aims to highlight the 4 Ts of Type 1 diabetes symptoms: Toilet, Thirsty, Tired and Thinner.

Despite being a serious condition, nine out of 10 parents are unable to correctly identify frequent urinating, excessive thirst, extreme tiredness, unexplained weight loss as the main symptoms of the condition.

The charity believes this is one of the reasons why a quarter of children with Type 1 diabetes are only diagnosed once they are already seriously ill with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), a life threatening condition that needs immediate treatment in hospital.


The charity is urging parents, carers, and anyone who works with children to know the 4 Ts and understand that if a child displays any of them they must visit a doctor immediately and insist they get a test so they can avoid becoming seriously ill.

The campaign will also raise awareness of the 4 Ts to healthcare professionals so that they test as soon as a child presents the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes, as the onset of the condition can be really quick.

Mr Menzies, said: “It is important that every parent and carer in Fylde knows about Diabetes UK’s 4 Ts campaign.

“At the moment too many children are only being diagnosed with diabetes when they are already very ill, but the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes can be quite obvious so there is no reason why children with the condition can’t get a quick diagnosis.

“This is why I am backing Diabetes UK’s 4 T’s campaign and I want everyone in Fylde to know that if a child who is going to the toilet a lot; has increased thirst, is more tired than usual or is losing weight that it could be a sign of Type 1 diabetes and they should visit a doctor immediately and insist they test.

“I will be helping to raise awareness of the condition with my colleagues in parliament and I will be working with health leaders in Fylde so that children with Type 1 Diabetes get the care and support they need.”

Barbara Young, Diabetes UK Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted that Mark Menzies is supporting our 4 Ts campaign and so is helping us raise awareness of the key signs and symptoms of Type 1 diabetes. This will help ensure children are diagnosed at the right time and avoid the horror of becoming so ill that their life is in danger.

“As well as making parents and those who look after and work with children aware of the symptoms, we need to increase understanding that a child who has any of the 4 Ts needs to be tested straight away, as the onset of the condition can be so quick that a delayed diagnosis can have devastating consequences.”

For more information about Diabetes UK’s campaign, go to www.diabetes.org.uk/The4Ts


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