Fylde MP calls for nuclear jobs for North West

The Fylde coast’s burgeoning energy sector has been given a huge boost by business minister Greg Clark.
Speaking in Parliament in response to a question from Fylde MP Mark Menzies on the nuclear sector, Mr Clark said there were ‘big opportunities in the sector with regard to skills and the expansion of industries’.
Mr Menzies has been keen to highlight the energy college under construction in the Enterprise Zone at Blackpool Airport in recent weeks, as well as the work to create fuel rods for nuclear reactors at the Springfields site in Clifton.
In the industrial strategy consultation debate in the House of Commons, Mr Menzies said: “As you are only too well aware, Mr Deputy Speaker, the North West of England is very much the hub of the nuclear sector in the UK.
“Can the Secretary of State shed some light on what thinking he has given to ensuring that people in the North West of England are the prime beneficiaries of the new supply chain that will be emerging in the nuclear sector?”
Mr Clark responded: “My hon. Friend is absolutely right that there are huge opportunities through the development of new nuclear, which will require the training of a new generation of nuclear engineers and technicians.
“It is important that that is in place.
“There are also opportunities, not just in this country but around the world, to use our expertise in decommissioning to earn income for the UK and to create good jobs. There are big opportunities in the sector with regard to skills and the expansion of industries.

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