Fylde MP holds debate over Blackpool Airport future


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has told the House of Commons that Blackpool Airport has the opportunity to be a vital part of the North West’s transport infrastructure for years to come.

The Member of Parliament held an Adjournment Debate in Westminster after operators Balfour Beatty announced the airport was to close last month.

Since that time Mr Menzies has had conversations with potential buyers and investors, fellow Fylde coast MPs, the Cities Minister and the Transport Minister to discuss ways to make the airport more attractive for investment moving forward.

And during Monday night’s debate he told MPs that he would fight any attempts to redevelop the site which did not include retain a viable aviation business.

Mr Menzies added: “The purpose of this important debate was to put on record my wishes to see the airport remain in place on its current site.

“While Blackpool Airport LTD may have gone into liquidation, there is a six to eight week window before any of the assets are sold off and I made it clear I did not want to see a fire-sale take place which would see equipment removed that would be essential for the airport to continue operating in the short term.

“During that window nothing is off the table and I would encourage anyone interested in running a viable aviation business to make contact with the liquidators Zolfo Cooper before that deadline.

“I also wanted to ask for any Government assistance which may be available which might encourage new investors to come forward.

“The Minister referred to a recent announcement by the Chancellor that applications will now be allowed for start-up aid for new air routes from UK regional airports and he said the Department for Transport is currently working with the Treasury to determine how funding will operate and what routes can be funded.

“I hope with that and other funding available, this site will once again become a viable site for aeronautical industries.

“As I said at the end of my speech, I am determined to keep this airfield working as it is a proud part of the Fylde’s aviation history, but more importantly I feel it has the ability to be a successful commercial airport with the correct support.

“With that in mind I also set down a marker to developers on Monday night. Anyone who thinks it is now open season on this site to redevelop it in its entirety for housing, commercial or retail purposes should think again as I will fight them every step of the way.”

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