Fylde MP in homes flood fears


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has written to the Environment Agency over fears that homes are at risk of flooding in Lytham.

The Member of Parliament regularly corresponds with the agency on behalf of farmers who are deeply concerned about waterlogged fields in the area and the effect it has on their livelihoods.

However, during recent heavy rain spells Mr Menzies noticed that land close to homes in the area was becoming noticeably more sodden.

He said: “I have raised this issue with the Environment Agency time and again and farmers still keep telling me that problems with waterlogged fields are costing them a lot of money.

“I know many of the issues relate to the drainage into the Ribble Estuary through the penstocks at the Preston Road bridge and there is a need to thoroughly clear that out and keep it clear.

“I have always felt that farms should be treated no differently to cities, towns and villages as they are both places where people live and do business.

“However, should there be a threat to residential properties in Lytham I would have serious concerns as this problem has been raised for a number of years.

“We have all seen images of Norfolk and Somerset in the media of what can happen when issues such as this go unresolved.

“The flat lands of Fylde are not so different to those areas and if we had a period of sustained high tides it could become very wet very quickly.

“I have written to the Environment Agency to express my concerns and also to homes in the area to ask people to report any problems to me.”​


PICTURE: Mark Menzies MP inspecting flooded fields with farmer Angela Laycock

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