Fylde MP Mark Menzies calls for total equality across BBC

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has called on ministers to ensure there is pay equality across the BBC.
Mr Menzies, the member of Parliament for Fylde, spoke in a BBC pay debate, triggered by the resignation of its China editor Carrie Gracie in protest over her pay which she says is below that of men in similar roles.
Mr Menzies was a member of the Committee on the Digital Economy Act 2017 — the legislation which forced the BBC to reveal the pay of everyone earning over £150,000.
Mr Menzies told MPs: “I was a member of the Committee on the Digital Economy Act 2017—the legislation brought about this change—so I thank the Minister for steering it through, in the teeth of resistance from the BBC.
“As several people have already said though, this is not just about how much women are paid; it is about pay equality full stop.
“It is about ensuring that everyone throughout the BBC gets equal pay.
“Will the Minister now really endeavour to ensure that everyone throughout this public sector organisation—not just the high-profile figures in front of the camera—gets equality within the law?
Secretary of State Matt Hancock replied: “Yes, I agree with my hon. Friend. Sometimes the Committee work of this House is overlooked, but my hon. Friend gives a good example of a measure that was properly scrutinised in Committee, put into the Digital Economy Bill and made law, thanks to the work in Committee of Members on both sides of the House, including my hon. Friend, to whom I pay tribute.”


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