Fylde MP Mark Menzies objects to Roseacre shale gas appeal

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Fylde MP Mark Menzies has reiterated his call to planners to not allow a shale gas site to be developed at Roseacre Wood in Fylde.

Mr Menzies objected to the proposed site when the scheme was first rejected, and has now written to the Development Management Group of Lancashire County Council to once again outline his concerns over HGV traffic around the site, and to ask that these are advanced at the forthcoming inquiry.

The site was rejected by Lancashire County Council, but shale exploration firm Cuadrilla was granted leave to amend its traffic management plan.

Mr Menzies said: “I have been very clear that this application should not be permitted to go ahead because I do not believe that HGV traffic concerns can be addressed at the site.

“I have maintained this view despite the release of Cuadrilla’s revised traffic management plan, upon which it plans to base its case at the reopened Planning Inquiry.

“I therefore wrote to the Development Management Group of Lancashire County Council to outline my concerns in this regard and to ask that these are advanced at the inquiry.  I presented the detailed reasons that I find Cuadrilla‘s plans inadequate in my letter.”

Mr Menzies states in his letter the revised traffic plan put forward for the site is wholly unsatisfactory.

He wrote: “It is my view, however, that the company’s proposed mitigation cannot overcome the central, insuperable issue in this case – that the roads around Roseacre Wood are simply unsuitable for 50 HGVs to travel along per day.

“While the company proposes to operate three different routes along which HGVs will be directed to access the site, all three are narrow B roads.

“Equally, all three routes will take HGV traffic through villages that are not equipped to take large volumes of heavy goods traffic… The company’s proposals simply cannot be reconciled with the quiet rural roads that service access to the proposed shale gas site.”


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