Fylde MP Mark Menzies welcomes jobs figures

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has welcomed new jobs figures which show unemployment is at its lowest level since 1975.

The total number of unemployed people in Mr Menzies’ constituency is 690, a rate of 1.8 per cent.

And more young people have found employment in the past year; there were 115 claimants aged 18-24 in Fylde in July 2017, 35 lower than July 2016.

Nationally, the number of unemployed people fell 57,000 in the past month, 157,000 fewer than a year ago.

MR Menzies said: “I am delighted to see the UK’s unemployment figure fall to its lowest level for 42 years.

“However we must not rest on our laurels and keep working to ensure Britain has a growing and vibrant economy with a record number of people in employment.

“I will continue to press for movement on Fylde’s Enterprise Zones to create more job opportunities, and work with local colleges to ensure people are prepared for their next employment opportunity.”

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