Fylde MP secures commitment from Prime Minister over Fylde-built aircraft


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies said he was delighted that the Prime Minister had committed to continue Government backing for British-built unmanned aerial combat vehicles.

The news came after Mr Menzies asked the Rt Hon David Cameron MP to ensure investment went to UK defence companies involved in such projects, including BAE Systems in Warton, rather than simply buying units “off the shelf” from elsewhere.

Mr Menzies questioned the Prime Minister following Monday’s statement on the UK’s national security strategy and the strategic defence and security review.

The Fylde MP commended Mr Cameron on his statement and added: “Will he give me, as the Member of Parliament representing Warton, an assurance that the future of unmanned aerial combat vehicles will involve more than simply buying them off the shelf?

The Prime Minister replied: “I can give my hon. Friend that assurance. We have set out a separate budget item for working with the French and the Americans on unmanned combat vehicles for the future.

“As I have said, we cannot know exactly what form they will take, but the commitment, the money and the research are all there. I want Britain to stay at the cutting edge of these technologies. That is why we invested in Typhoon and that is why it is important to have this programme too.”

Following the session in the House of Commons, Mr Menzies said he was pleased Mr Cameron had put on record his support for Britain’s combat aircraft.

He added: “In Fylde, we are privileged to have some of the most advanced aircraft being created anywhere in the world being built on our doorstep at Warton.

“The Fylde-built Typhoon has been one of UK PLC’s biggest success stories when it comes to exports and I want to see that continue.

“This commitment to continuing investment shows that the Government backs British business and will help ensure we remain at the forefront of this industry.

“I am delighted that the Prime Minister has put on record his support for our unmanned vehicles – as well as his backing for the continued expansion of Typhoon’s capabilities and an extension of the aircraft’s expected RAF service life.”

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