Fylde MP tackles parking issues in Lytham

Fylde MP Mark Menzies with resident Steve Hannan

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has asked Lytham residents how they would like to see a chronic parking problem outside their homes solved.

Mr Menzies has written to residents after he received complaints about the number of cars parked for lengthy periods outside people’s homes.

Roads affected include Westwood Road, Beach Street, Ashton Street and Gregson Street.

Mr Menzies said: “It’s obvious there are a lot of people parking in the area who aren’t residents and I want to see how we can improve the situation for the people that live there.

“Resident Steve Hannon came to see me on behalf of a group of residents so I have written to all of the residents of the roads affected to ask what they would like to be done.

“Do we need more yellow lines, do we need a residents’ parking scheme, or do we need to leave it as it is?

“Asking the residents to outline their issues first will give me a clear indication as to how we ask Lancashire County Council to get involved.”

Mr Hannon, pictured with Mr Menzies, raised the issue at a surgery meeting.

He said: “My concern is that there are so many cars down here now, and the road is so narrow, that delivery vehicles and larger vehicles are damaging the cars parked down here.

“There’s so much traffic going down these roads, something needs to be done to solve the situation and help residents park close to their own homes.”

Workers are using the area to park during the day, and those heading for a night out in the town often leave their cars in the area for collection the next day.

Mr Menzies has asked residents how they would like to see the situation resolved – with options including parking restrictions, a residents’ parking scheme and yellow lines all mooted.

He will collate the responses and send them to Lancashire County Council, the highways authority, to call for action.


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