Fylde MP visits Heathrow Airport to discuss expansion plans


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies visited Heathrow Airport to review plans for a new third runway at Britain’s largest international hub.

The Member of Parliament was invited to the airport as a member of the Transport Select Committee and was told how the proposals to increase capacity are vital for the UK to keep up with competition from Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt.

Following the visit, Mr Menzies said it was clear that the existing infrastructure at Heathrow makes building a third runway the only viable option.

He added: “I was pleased to be able to visit Heathrow this week and receive a tour of the current facilities and hear about the airport’s future plans.

“I, like most people, had only seen the public facing side of the airport so to be able to visit the control tower and the busy runways, where huge passenger jets were landing just metres from where I stood, really brought home the need for increased capacity.

“I have obviously heard the other side of the debate in the House of Commons, where colleagues from west London constituencies have voiced their concerns about increased noise and pollution.

“Having witnessed operations at Heathrow first-hand and having discussed expansion plans with airport officials, it is my view that the changes in noise and pollution will be negligible in the long term.

“Furthermore, I was interested to learn that, once the proposed new runway is in operation, flights over the Richmond area of west London will in fact decrease.

“While I understand the concerns of local residents, this is an issue which affects the UK as a whole and it is important that it is viewed that way.

“After years of consultation, the independent Davies Report released last summer said Heathrow was the only option for increased capacity.

“It is now time the Government puts its weight behind the expansion of Heathrow to ensure Britain does not fall behind in the increasingly competitive international marketplace.”

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