Fylde MP welcomes family help in Autumn Statement

A lower tax threshold, and 30 hours of free childcare a week, will help working families, says Fylde MP Mark Menzies.

He said: “This budget shows just how far this Government has gone for families. When it came in to power, the tax threshold was £6,475. By April it will be £11,500, and by the end of this Parliament, £12,500.

“That is a cut of income tax for some 28 million people, and four million people on the lowest wages who have be taken out of tax altogether.

“And in September, working families in Fylde will be able to take advantage of up to 30 hours’ childcare a week, double the 15 available now. That’s a saving of around £2,000 per child.”

Chancellor Philip Hammond also announced there would be no further welfare savings to be made for the duration of the Parliament.

Other measures included £1bn to fund a 5g digital network across the UK, and a total £23bn to be spent on innovation and infrastructure over the next five years.

Mr Menzies added: “I’m also delighted to see we now have the biggest fuel duty freeze for 40 years, with the fuel duty rise cancelled for the seventh year in a row. It is a sensible move which helps both residents and businesses.

“Fylde’s rural businesses have also been helped with the announcement of 100 per cent rate relief which will see small businesses benefit by up to £2,900 per year.

“The £1.4bn to build 40,000 affordable properties will be a huge help tackling the need for homes, and combined with the announcement of £2.3bn infrastructure fund for areas where homes are needed, will be a further, welcome boost to the economy.”

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