Fylde MP welcomes introduction of new Trade Bill for post-Brexit Britain

Mark Menzies MP

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has welcomed the introduction of the Trade Bill to the House of Commons, which will ensure the UK can make new trade agreements as it leaves the EU.

Me Menzies said: “The Trade Bill is a vital piece of legislation which will give us the power and the framework to make the best deals we can with countries around the world.

“This is about ensuring we remain outward-looking, to further boost our economy on a global scale.”

The Trade Bill will establish the tools the UK needs to deliver the best international trading framework for the UK outside of the EU ensuring trade policy reflects the needs and potential of businesses and consumers throughout the UK, creating a country that is stronger, fairer, more united and more outward-looking than ever before.

For first time in 40 years, the new Trade Bill will enable the UK to access new and thriving markets around the world, creating jobs and helping businesses trade overseas, as well as protecting British interests at home.

The Customs Bill, which will follow, will provide new domestic legislation to replace EU customs legislation and modify elements of the indirect taxes system, allowing the UK to continue to provide a world-leading customs service after the UK exits the EU.

The UK will strike new trade deals with old friends and new allies to create more jobs that are spread right across the country.

Mr Menzies added: “We are pushing the agenda and forging ahead with our plans while Labour can’t decide if they would even have an independent trade policy.”

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