Fylde MP welcomes Prime Minister to Warton aerodrome

David Cameron visits BAE in Preston

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies welcomed David Cameron to BAE Systems in Warton where the Prime Minister spoke to local workers about his campaign to remain in the European Union.

Mr Cameron told a gathering of staff and journalists that jobs could be put at risk if Britain leaves the EU and said being part of Europe made the UK “safer and stronger”.

Following the event, Mr Menzies said his decision to support Prime Minister was only taken after careful consideration of both sides of the debate.

He added: “It has been a really difficult decision for me to come out in favour of remaining in the EU as there are areas of that organisation I still have concerns about, but the Prime Minister negotiated a much better deal for Britain.

“Fylde’s two main employers – BAE Systems and Westinghouse Springfields – also have extremely close ties to Europe which I couldn’t ignore.

“BAE Systems builds the Eurofighter Typhoon in collaboration with partner nations Germany, Italy and Spain and is currently heavily involved in the future air combat system development programme with France.

“As the Prime Minister said to staff in Warton, the next generation of combat aircraft may even bring France into the mix to expand that European relationship further.

“While current contracts are secure, leaving the EU would introduce an element of doubt to future business and I could not support something which puts Fylde jobs at risk.

“Meanwhile, a large portion of Westinghouse Springfields’ order book is through EDF Energy in France and I would not want to see those close working relationships damaged.

“Local farmers have also informed me that they are concerned about what the financial impact a vote to leave could mean for them.

“After careful consideration of the deal the Prime Minister has struck with fellow EU leaders, I have decided that on balance it is perhaps wiser to stay within a reformed EU and enjoy the benefits that brings while continuing  to change the things we dislike from within.

“However, as the Prime Minister made clear, this is not a decision for politicians to take. The referendum I voted for now gives the people of Fylde, and the whole of the UK, the opportunity to make this decision for themselves.”

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