Fylde MP’s tribute to Holocaust survivor

Holocaust survivor Arek Hersh MBE with Fylde MP Mark Menzies

Fylde MP Mark Menzies said the horrors of the Holocaust must never be forgotten, after hearing survivor Arek Hersh MBE speak to his constituents.

Mr Hersh was taken to his first concentration camp at the age of 11 – and lost 81 members of his family under Hitler’s brutal Nazi regime.

Mr Hersh told St Annes Hebrew Congregation about his ordeal, as part of a Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration.

The interfaith service involved pupils from schools across the Fylde.

Mr Menzies said: “To hear the testimony of Holocaust survivor Arek Hersh was intensely moving.

“This man lost 81 members of his family as the Nazis set about exterminating some six million Jews, and 11 million people in total.

“He endured horrific treatment, yet somehow managed to survive his ordeal and start a new life in England.

“His story, and that of other survivors, must never be forgotten, so that we never allow such dreadful events to happen again.

“I have visited Auschwitz-Birkenau twice and have arranged trips for students and journalists to see with their own eyes the horrors of the Nazi regime.”

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