Mark calls for action following complaints


FYLDE’s local MP, Mark Menzies, has today called upon Cuadrilla Resources to reduce the impact of geophysical surveying near residential areas.

Cuadrilla Resources have, in recent weeks, been undertaking a series of tests to enable a detailed map of the local geology to be constructed.

However, this has left some constituents concerned at the level of disturbance.

Mr Menzies said: “In recent weeks, I have received a large number of complaints from concerned constituents regarding the disturbance caused to them as a result of the surveys.

“Having met with, and spoken to, a number of these people, it is my firm view that this level of disturbance is unacceptable, even on a temporary basis.

“I therefore have urged Cuadrilla to take radical action to reduce the impact near people’s homes with immediate effect.”

In the last month, Mr Menzies has secured the establishment of a shale gas scrutiny group, which includes senior officials and experts at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive, which has now begun to meet.

This group will oversee all the relevant issues and regulations surrounding shale gas exploration and potential extraction.

Mr Menzies hopes to achieve a similar response from Cuadrilla with regard to their geophysical survey.

He said: “Living in St Annes myself, I know only too well how much we value our local environment.

“I would like to take this time to thank those constituents who have been in touch regarding their concerns and I would urge anyone else who is experiencing any disturbance to please contact myself as well as the company as only then can I fully represent them to the appropriate authorities.”

To contact Cuadrilla Resources call their Community Helpline on 0800 170 1115

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