Mark Menzies backs cancer patient care


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies is backing Macmillan Cancer Support’s campaign for all patients to be treated with the highest levels of dignity and respect.

Mr Menzies attended an event in Parliament where he met people affected by cancer who shared their own experience and raised the importance of being listened to by health staff. Macmillan workers at the event also spoke about caring for people living with cancer and highlighted the importance of feeling supported and engaged in order to deliver the best possible care.

Following the event, Mr Menzies said: “Everyone diagnosed with cancer should be treated with dignity and respect and not as a set of symptoms.

“NHS staff work incredibly hard to deliver high quality care in challenging circumstances. However, as Macmillan’s report shows, there is still room for improvement to tackle cases of poor care and staff disengagement.

“If patient care is to be improved across the NHS, both staff and patients need to be listened to and their feedback acted on.

“This can make a major difference to how patients experience their care and even recover from cancer treatment.

“Macmillan’s campaign aims to ensure all patients are treated as individuals and I am very proud to support it.”

Macmillan’s new report – The people behind cancer care – Patient and Staff stories – emphasises the importance of putting people at the heart of cancer care by hearing from patients and staff alike.

The report presents stories from 10 patients about their experiences of care at different points of their cancer journey. It also features insights from staff into the good and bad aspects of their work and how their own experiences determine the quality of care provided.

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