Mark Menzies backs Wrea Green over new homes bid

FYLDE’S Conservative Parliamentary Candidate has written to the national Planning Inspectorate to demand that an appeal for 49 new homes in Wrea Green is thrown out.

Mark Menzies decided to take action after Story Homes submitted a plan for 100 homes on land off Willow Drive, which was turned down by councillors before the developer resubmitted an application for 49 properties.

That scheme was also deemed inappropriate and Story Homes has now taken its appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Mr Menzies, who is standing for re-election in Fylde on May 7, wrote to the inspector to say that the proposed development was not in keeping with the village’s tranquil character and the two decisions by Fylde Borough Council’s planning committee should be upheld.

He said: “Sometimes developers should realise that no means no.

“As Member of Parliament I have always said that planning matters should be left for local councillors as it is their responsibility to make those decisions, but when developers ignore their wishes and appeal to the national Planning Inspectorate, which falls under the government, then I am happy to intervene.

“I wrote to the inspector as one of the last things I did from Parliament before dissolution to say that the development was unsuitable for Wrea Green, which has already had a large number of new homes approved without the associated improvements to infrastructure and services that should come with extra development.

“I also asked to speak at the Planning Inquiry into the matter where I could expand on the points I raised in my letter.

“This week, I met with members of the Community Association to Protect Wrea Green (CAPOW) to discuss how I could assist them further and am delighted I am able to offer my support.

“While Britain needs new homes for people to live in, they must be built in a considered way which is supported by local authorities that have put the plans in place for services and infrastructure to support increases in population.

“That is why extensive Local Plans were introduced by the Government and developers should not be trying to target vulnerable areas before that process is complete.”

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