Mark Menzies demands answers over cryptosporidium outbreak

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has today called on the Drinking Water Inspectorate to provide answers over the cause of last year’s cryptosporidium outbreak across Lancashire.

The incident saw thousands of homes left without clean water for a month while water company United Utilities attempted to identify the source of the issue and decontaminate supplies.

Following the outbreak, an independent investigation was launched by the Drinking Water Inspectorate – but a year has now passed and people are still awaiting the result of that inquiry.

Mr Menzies said: “I am still being contacted regularly about this situation and everyone is wondering what is happening with this investigation.

“The fact we still have no answers leads to trust issues for people surrounding the security of their water supply and the capability of those institutions set up to protect it.

“When I have contacted the Drinking Water Inspectorate, I have been completely shut out, with no information forthcoming whatsoever. That lack of transparency only leads to speculation and accusations some kind of cover-up is going on.

“For people to feel reassured that Government agencies are working for their safety and security they must prove they are up to the job and for this to have dragged on for so long leaves people feeling they cannot rely on the authorities. If we do not see an outcome soon I will be speaking to the Minister about replacing the Drinking Water Inspectorate with an agency which is fit for purpose.

“I have met with the chairman of the water regulator OFWAT about this issue and he spoke of his frustration and I have spoken to United Utilities on a number of occasions and they too are anxious to see the results of the investigation.

“While the incident was a major inconvenience for the majority of people, for the most vulnerable people in our communities it was an absolute nightmare.

“If there is a problem we must find out the cause of the problem and ensure solutions have been put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

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