Mark Menzies’ disappointment over Wrea Green planning decisions

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has revealed his disappointment over a decision by the Planning Inspectorate to allow two new housing developments in Wrea Green.

It comes after the inspector looked at four different applications for housing schemes in the village, at Bryning Lane, Ribby Road and Moss Side Lane.

Ahead of the decision, the Member of Parliament had written a strong letter to the inspector urging him to follow the lead of Fylde Borough Council’s planning department and dismiss the appeals.

However, this week the inspector announced that he was giving the go-ahead to two of the four applications, one for 49 homes at Ribby Road and the other for 25 properties at one of the Bryning Lane sites.

Following the decision, Mr Menzies said: “The reason I sent the letter is because local people had already made their opinions known with regards to these schemes and the local council had rejected them.

“I also felt the fact that Fylde Borough Council’s draft Local Plan, which did not include any sites for new housing in Wrea Green, should be given some weight in these circumstances and wrote to the Planning Minister Nick Boles who agreed with me.

“Unfortunately, despite my letter and strong support from members of the Community Association to Protect Wrea Green (CAPOW) the inspector made what I feel is the wrong decision.

“I have a variety concerns over planning issues at present and have been very public in my support for people in Warton with regards to the excessive number of housing sites set aside for the village in the emerging plan.

“I am confident we will be able to get those numbers reduced in the next iteration of that document but my qualms surrounding the role of the Planning Inspectorate have not been addressed by this latest announcement so I am in the process of organising a debate in Parliament surrounding the role of the Inspectorate and its responsibility to local people when making decisions.

“The need for controlled and sustainable growth is one thing but the opinions of local people should always come before anything else.”

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