Mark Menzies meets top apprentices at BAE Systems


FYLDE MP Mark Menzies praised a group of apprentices during a meeting at BAE Systems’ Warton aerodrome.

The event on Friday came ahead of Apprenticeship Week – which runs from March 3 to March 7 – and saw the Member of Parliament speak to the young workers about the opportunities top quality on-the-job training can provide.

It comes as the latest figures were released showing new apprentices in Fylde gave local businesses a boost of £1.7m last year.

Mr Menzies said: “It was a pleasure to meet such an inspiring group of young individuals who work in different areas across BAE’s UK business.

“I spoke to them about how well the company is regarded around the world and what it can mean for them personally to have a high class qualification from such a renowned business.

“University isn’t necessarily the best route for some young people leaving school and I think it is unfortunate that in recent years some have perhaps been pushed that way when they would have been better off taking an apprenticeship.

“There almost seemed to be an implication that you were somehow second best if you did not go to university, which certainly isn’t the case.

“During my time as an MP some of the brightest young people I have come across have come through the apprenticeship route and I would encourage anyone who feels that is the correct path for them to go along it.”

The £1.7m figure quoted came as a result of the net benefit from apprenticeships which began in 2012/13, so the overall local boost from all apprentices was even larger.

It is believed that every time a local company hires an apprentice, their bottom line gets an average boost of £1,941. This happens immediately, while the apprentice is being trained, and represents the benefit after typical wage and training costs for the North West are deducted.

Last year, 880 people started an apprenticeship in Fylde. This means that new apprentices alone provided a local boost of around £1,708,000 in 2012/13.

Prime Minister David Cameron added: “Delivering the best skills is a crucial part of our long-term economic plan for Britain. More apprenticeships mean more opportunities for young people, giving them financial security and Britain a better future.”

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