Mark Menzies MP in cancer treatment support


Fylde MP Mark Menzies has been told that women with ovarian cancer face a “postcode lottery” over treatment.

During a Parliamentary reception hosted by the Target Ovarian Cancer charity, the Member of Parliament heard how new a new report showed that women across the country do not receive the same treatment options when diagnosed with the disease.

And Mr Menzies said he was committed to making sure all women can access the help and support they need, no matter where they live in the UK.

He added: “It is extremely concerning to hear that patients in different postcode areas receive better or worse treatment than others, depending on where they live.

“When diagnosed with any disease or illness people should receive the best support and care available, and that should not be dictated by the areas they live in.

“I have pledged to make sure everything that can be is being done to ensure women in Fylde and across the UK get what they need.”

Ovarian cancer arises from the cells in and around the ovary and fallopian tube. Studies have shown one in 50 women will contract ovarian cancer in their lifetime and, of these women, one in five will die within three months of diagnosis.

Target Ovarian Cancer chief executive Annwen Jones added: “While cancer doesn’t discriminate by address, this new report shows undoubtedly women with ovarian cancer are battling the life altering postcode lottery.”

Ms Jones said it was vital people understood the symptoms of ovarian cancer if they were to catch the disease early.

She added: “The most important thing is that women know what to look out for.

“That is why we need a national awareness campaign so that every woman knows the key symptoms which are having a bloated tummy or tummy pain, needing to wee more often or urgently and always feeling full.”

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PICTURE: Mark Menzies MP with ovarian cancer campaigner Annie Mulholland

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