Mark Menzies MP joins new shale gas regulation group

FYLDE MP Mark Menzies has joined a new group set up to campaign for greater regulation of the shale gas industry.

The role of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Shale Gas Regulation and Planning will be to press for improved and transparent regulation of the industry.

The group will also hold the industry to account and make sure that the local economy, tranquillity and beauty of the countryside is protected if shale gas exploration is to move forward in areas of the UK.

Mr Menzies said: “This group is important as it will allow a robust sharing of views and for those of us with shale gas exploration areas within our constituencies to come together and discuss the best way to approach that issue.

“Since the new round of licenses were handed out, more and more of my colleagues are becoming concerned that shale gas is properly regulated should any exploration go forward, and together we can be a powerful voice in Parliament.

“For many years I have strived to ensure that the proper regulations are in place and I believe measures have been strengthened substantially during that time.

“However, more can be done and I would still like to see an independent body formed which will oversee all aspects of shale gas regulation by all the organisations involved and report back to Ministers.

“While the Government believes that the measures currently in place are adequate, through the new APPG I will continue to put forward my case for increased oversight by such a body and, hopefully, garner support from more of my colleagues.”

As well as increased regulation, the group will also campaign for local plans which will ensure any shale gas schemes move forward in a clear and transparent manner and more money for areas directly affected if exploration goes ahead.

As with all APPGs, meetings of the group are open to the general public.

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