Mark Menzies MP: Services need to meet new homes demand


MARK Menzies MP has asked the Secretary of State for Health what measures are being taken to ensure Fylde medical services are being bolstered to cope with the extra demand from new housing developments.

The Member of Parliament is concerned that hundreds of new homes have been given planning permission locally without the necessary infrastructure in place to support an influx of families into the area.

And in a Written Parliamentary Question, Mr Menzies said he wanted to know what steps the Department for Health was taking to provide sufficient services to meet the increased demand.

In response, Ben Gummer MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, said: “It is the responsibility of local commissioners to plan, develop and provide NHS services according to the healthcare needs of their local populations.

“NHS England advises that both Fylde and Wyre borough councils have received feedback on their proposed housing development plans from the local clinical commissioning group (Fylde and Wyre CCG).

“We understand that this requested that planning policies acknowledge the need for existing primary care centres to expand to meet the needs of a growing local population. Should those existing sites not be capable of expansion, the CCG has requested support for new sites in those areas.”

However, Mr Menzies remains concerned that until Fylde’s Local Plan is in place, developers are able to push through planning consents without having to fund new medical centres, schools, roads and public transport links to meet extra demand.

He added: “The Minister’s response shows why it is so important to have a Local Plan in place which deals with all these issues in a holistic way.

“Currently we seem to have a situation in Fylde where developments – whether given permission by the borough council or the Planning Inspectorate – are being granted in a piecemeal way which does not secure the infrastructure requirements which should come along with such schemes.

“As a firm believer in localism I support the Local Plan process, which gives protection against rampant and out-of-control development and ensures builders are funding any new medical centres, schools, roads and public transport links needed as a result of those new homes.

“I have made it clear to Fylde Borough Council over a number of years how important this plan is and continue to push the local authority to ensure it is in place as soon as possible.”

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