Mark Menzies MP supports disability discrimination training for taxi drivers

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has backed a move for taxi drivers across the UK to receive standardised disability discrimination training.
The call, from cabinet office shadow minister Andrew Gwynne, comes after a number of high profile cases where taxi drivers have refused to pick up a blind customer because they had a guide dog with them.
In one instance, a blind passenger reported her dog being locked in the closed boot of a taxi.
Now, moves are afoot to standardise training for taxi drivers across the country.
Mr Gwynne said: “For too long, this issue has flown under the radar and continues to specifically discriminate against the visually impaired, those with mobility and physical impairments and the more vulnerable in our society.”
In the Parliamentary debate, Mr Menzies asked: “Does the hon. Gentleman agree that it is important for each and every one of us in the House to raise this issue with our local authority and through columns in our local newspapers, to ensure that no one can use ignorance as a defence for refusing services to blind and disabled people?”
Mr Gwynne told him: “Absolutely. I thank the hon. Gentleman for sponsoring my Bill; his support is greatly appreciated.
“He is absolutely right to suggest that there is a lot more on the enforcement side that local authorities could and should be doing.
“At the moment, taxi licence holders who are brought before the licensing panel can plead ignorance and say that they did not appreciate that this was the law.
“However, if they have to have training as part of their licence requirements in the first place, or as part of their renewal requirements, they will no longer have that excuse.”

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