Mark Menzies MP supports new Lytham post office


Fylde MP Mark Menzies has visited a Lytham post office to offer his support for the new venture.

The Member of Parliament popped in to Crofts Newsagent and Post Office on Warton Street and spoke to the owner Tony Croft about his decision to expand the business.

Crofts Newsagent has been part of the east Lytham community for a number of years but recently began offering the new services following the closure of the former community post office at Bamforths Food and Wine.

Mr Menzies said: “I’m really supportive of what Tony is doing to ensure this area still has a post office and I wish him every success with the business.

“I know how important it is to people living around Warton Street and when the previous post office was threatened I campaigned as hard as anyone to keep it in place.

“However, when it became obvious Bamforths was going to close I met with senior executives from Post Office LTD in Parliament to make sure they knew how important it was to keep a store in this part of Lytham.

“They took the points I made on board and began to look for alternative premises in the area where they could work with an existing successful business.

“Crofts is a perfect venue for the new post office and I have been impressed by the refurbishment and extension of the store to incorporate the new services.

“Tony has incorporated a post office counter while expanding his cards and stationary section and retaining all that you would need from a first-class newsagent.

“Having spoken to a number of people locally – who all campaigned to save the post office – they are delighted with the new arrangement.”


Picture: Mark Menzies MP with Tony Croft at the Post Office counter

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