Mark Menzies reiterates shale gas regulation demand

Mark Menzies MP

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has reiterated his call for a ‘gold standard’ of regulation to ensure shale gas is extracted safely.

Mr Menzies made his comments in light of a United Nations paper which raised issues with the regulatory bodies set to monitor the practice.

He said: “I have always called for a gold standard of regulation on the fracking industry if it is to go ahead in the UK.
“Public health and safety is paramount. Quite simply, if fracking cannot be carried out safely, it should not be allowed to commence.

“After I called for an industry-specific regulator as part of this gold standard, the Government announced it would create an over-arching shale environmental regulator that will assume the relevant functions of four agencies under one body to ensure we don’t see any loopholes.”

Mr Menzies spoke about the Preston New Road site in Fylde which Cuadrilla is currently drilling ahead of hydraulic fracturing.

e added: “We have already seen the Environment Agency tackle Cuadrilla over breaches, and I met just last week with the Agency who told me about their air monitoring equipment which is now visible on site.”

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