Mark Menzies speaks to Secretary of State over Fylde pensioners


CONSERVATIVE Parliamentary Candidate Mark Menzies joined Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan-Smith on the campaign trail to make the case for Fylde pensioners.

Mr Menzies, who is standing for re-election on May 7, met the Minister in Lancashire and spoke to him about the recently released Conservative Election Manifesto which puts welfare of the UK’s pensioners at the top of the agenda.

Following the meeting, the Fylde candidate said: “I thought our manifesto was very generous towards pensioners and I wanted to thank Iain for all the hard work his department has put into it.

“I was pleased to see confirmation that we will continue to increase the basic state pension by at least 2.5 per cent through our triple lock system while giving people the freedom to use their pension savings as they want and to pass them on tax-free.

“Our policy to cap the amount you can be charged for your residential care – so people have the dignity and security they deserve in old age – is ground-breaking and one of which I am very proud.

“I am likewise proud of what we have achieved so far, and especially that as we have taken hard decisions on public spending, we have protected the National Health Service, with 9,500 more doctors and 6,900 more nurses, and ensured generous rises in the state pension.

“Those with the broadest shoulders have contributed the most to deficit reduction – which is why inequality has fallen, and child and pensioner poverty are down.

“One of the ways we have rebalanced the economy is by sorting out the mess Labour made of the benefits system.

“But while we have committed to freezing working age benefits for two years from April 2016, we have exempted pensioner and disability benefits from that as we want to ensure money still goes to the right places.”


PICTURE: Mark Menzies with Iain Duncan Smith on the campaign trail in Lancashire

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