Conservative candidate supports farmers at market


FYLDE’S Conservative Parliamentary Candidate spoke to local food producers about issues within our rural communities while out shopping at St Annes’ Farmers Market.

Former Member of Parliament Mark Menzies, who is standing in Fylde again on May 7, said the Conservatives would continue to back farmers and our rural communities.

He added: “It is always a pleasure to browse the stalls at the various markets we have in Fylde and speak to our local food producers about their work.

“They more than anyone know the issues affecting our rural communities and are always as robust in their praise as they are quick to point out areas where they think the government may be failing.

“For me, farming is the UK’s number one industry but because it has always been part of British life it sometimes does not get the credit it deserves for the amount of people it employs and the job it does putting food on our tables.

“What many people also do not know about is the work farmers do as environmentalists, protecting our wildlife species and dredging watercourses to prevent flooding.

“I continue to work closely with farmers in east Lytham to make sure the Environment Agency is supporting them to alleviate problems with water-logged fields in the area.

“That can seriously affect our farmers’ livelihoods and it is imperative our streams and brooks remain clear so that they can take the water away and ensure growing and grazing land is useable.”

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